Cheryl Slay Carr

I remember discovering an early passion for music and singing that dates back to elementary school.  My emerging sensibilities were nourished by listening to artists like Dionne Warwicke, the (then) Jazz Crusaders, Stylistics, Billy Paul, 5th Dimension, Andrae Crouch, Evie, Issac Hayes, many others and of course Motown.  I vividly recall sitting on the swings in my backyard, singing my 12-year old rendition of “We’ve Only Just Begun,” then running off to perform it for my mother feeling I had discovered something about myself that was uniquely mine to share.  Many years later I'm still sharing myself musically through live concerts, worship contexts, conferences, retreats, special events and other performance settings.  The Photo gallery page captures just a few of those experiences.


Along the way I developed an interest in working on the business side of the music industry as an entertainment & intellectual property lawyer and university professor.  Participating on both sides of the fence is symbiotic;  As an artist I have an insider's view of the industry.  There's nothing like being an active musician to sharpen insights useful for providing information on business matters from firsthand knowledge and experience.  I feel fortunate to have found professional paths that permit me to engage and celebrate the blend of artistry and practical knowledge that influences my participation in both the business and creation of music.